11 Commandments to Guide a Journey

1 week down, 15 to go. Already, we’ve experienced the highs and lows, the panics, and the moments of euphoria. Along the way, we came up with a few laws to guide us….

1. Thou shall be a yes (wo)man.
2. Thou shall not be a Wi-Fi junkie.
3. Thou shall bring thy camera, but not live through thy lens.
4. Thou shall not be a lazy piece of shit.
5. What would Tony do?
6. Thou shall not accept the first offer.
7. Thou shall sleep on it; the best things are free (or cost very little).
8. Thou shall not get blackout drunk before a travel day.
9. Thou shall not assume.
10. Thou shall not pick up a smoking habit.
11. Thou shall always leave on a high note.


*Photo:Local fisherman on Taal Lake (Kapusod, Taal Lake, Batangas, Philippines)

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