Booze Review: Tiger Beer

Sleek marketing design and a strong brand name made me want to buy my first overpriced beer in Southeast Asia. Singapore’s finest is anywhere from $4.50SGP for a 12 fl. oz. can in a supermarket to $15.50SGP for a pint in a bar or restaurant. Unfortunately, the “fun police” (Singapore’s Government) have levied high taxes on alcohol in the country in an attempt to dissuade it’s revered youth from imbibing. Having drunk people on the streets would be a total embarrassment to the young country, and the potential for too much partying could compromise the future of its booming economy. But, if the desire to catch a buzz overcomes Singaporeans or its foreign guests, they sure can have a beer, but boy will it cost them!

Unfortunately, after dropping some dough on these beers, I was unimpressed again and again. I’ve had the stuff out of a regular can, a tall boy, a bottle, and off the tap. It’s under-carbonated, thick, and watery. Thumbs down to the brew team. But 2 thumbs way up to the marketing team for making me part ways with a small fortune… Great billboards!

1/5 suds.

Photo: My first can of underwhelming Tiger Beer, at a hawker market near Singapore’s Central Business District. (Marina Bay, Singapore, Singapore).

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