The Designer City: A Series of Acrostic Haikus

Sterile streets precede

Sterile personalities

Be clean, be well, be working


Initially wowed

Safe tap, hot shower, the train

I think I’ll love it


Never ending malls

Raised concern, but still impressed

Spectacles of wealth


Go ahead, spend on

Metro train boyfriend will get

New Prada bag laid


Attractions abound

The lure of big city life

Conform is the norm


Pitiful playlists

Repeat top forty, No one

Has answers, just gab


Overstated and

Underwhelming. Fun police

Lurk on all the quays


Robot vibes and rules

Make my skin crawl, make me cringe

City of soulless


Enough indifference

In this designer city

Where’s your opinion?

5 thoughts on “The Designer City: A Series of Acrostic Haikus

  1. Very true! Great description to be able to capture the eerie feeling of being watched in such a beautiful and what feels like should be an exciting adventurous place.


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