The Heinekens

Yesterday, during an awesome hike in Singapore’s MacRitchie reservoir, I was telling Kiley about my old weird obsession with Nike SB dunks and their cool design influences. I used the Heineken dunk as one of the original designs that really inspired me to get into the “sneaker head” thing. The Heiny’s were my “holy grail” as the culture called it. That pair that you wanted so bad but couldn’t get because of price or rarity. It was both for me. I could never have ’em. About 3 hours later when we were walking through the hawker market near Arab Street, a flash of green caught my eye. I gasped, it couldn’t be, the Heiny’s? Just like that? If they were size 9 it would be ridiculous. If they were size 9 and not bootlegs, it would be too good to be true. If they were both and only $5SGP ($3.14USD) it would be an act of God. When I heard the price and performed a classic “legit check” by looking at the inside tag. It all checked out. Many of you might know me to be a fan of bargaining. I took the first price he gave me. My day was made, and so was the hawker’s. The look on his face was a smile of a proud man who just pulled a highway robbery, scamming a tourist for a beat up pair of ugly sneakers. Little did he know!

Photo: Nike SB “Heineken” Dunks (Lavender St., Singapore)

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