Ka Betty: The Batali of Batangas

During our time at Taal Lake, Ka Betty, our caretaker, found a way to our hearts through our stomachs. The woman is a cooking machine. While we lounged in our tree house, hiked Taal Volcano, and did some lakeside yoga, Ka Betty was busy cooking away. 8-hour slow smoked tunas, pork belly adobo, sticky rice cakes smoked […]

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Booze Review: Red Horse Beer

“The Red Horse is a decent brew”, said Ryan Potts, a Junior Brewer from England, who I met the other day in a cramped minivan and am now bunking with in El Nido, Palawan. He happened to have worked at the last micro-brewery in Sunderland, so the boy knows what he’s talking about. This is […]

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Welcome to Paddy’s

Sabang, Puerto Galera, a tropical beach region just across the channel from Batangas, a port city two hours south of Manila. Our journey began during a downpour in Manila. “Turn right, go two blocks, turn right, go six blocks,” got us to the LRT (Manila’s light rail), though a bit soggy. We faced the sort […]

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Booze Review: Beer Na Beer

Ah, Beer Na Beer, my first cold brewski in Sabang. Words cannot explain how much I appreciated your refreshing, mildly hoppy bubbles as they greeted my oral cavity with a fine quenching of thirst after 5 hours of travel. You were cold, you were cheap, you came to me in a time of desperation, you were….well…decent at best. 2/5 […]

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  Two heads are better than one, as they say. And in my opinion 3, 4, 500 are even better. Collaboration has always appealed to me and the communities that collaboration creates have a particular allure. I’m talking about communities in the broadest sense: religious congregations, book clubs, sports teams, schools, cliques, neighborhoods, gangs, and […]

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To have time

If an average 24 year old human specimen from a developed country was given four months to do as he pleased, without the worry of producing his own shelter and sustenance, what would come of it? Progress? Enlightenment? Laziness? Debauchery? I can be a pessimist at times – seeing the good in people only after vetting […]

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Why Go

Don’t get me wrong, I love New York City. Manhattan is a neophile’s dream. A place of ever changing everything. (To tackle every restaurant in New York City it would take 22.9 years, eating at a new restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.) Still, I have to get the fuck out. A very friendly gay […]

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