Booze Review: Angkor Beer

You only need a few things when visiting the vast, epic grounds of ancient Angkor in Cambodia:

  • A tuk tuk driver
  • An experienced local guide
  • A cooler full of snacks, water, and ice cold beer

In Siem Reap, the local brew is Angkor Beer. This stuff is most necessary in the hot hot heat that overcomes the dozens of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples from 10am until 5pm, daily.

Angkor Beer isn’t as light as you’d think it to be in such a steaming hot country. It’s bold, crisp, and available everywhere for $0.75USD at most. The best part? Every time you crack open its old-school tab, you’ve entered yourself to win a free can from the Angkor Beer distributer. Just check the bottom of the tab for a green can symbol.

Winner winner? Looks like beer’s for dinner!

4/5 suds.


Photo: An ice cold Angkor Beer in its natural, sacred habitat. (Angkor Ruins, Siem Reap, Cambodia).

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