A Political View from Abroad

Watching the presidential race unfold abroad is an eye opening experience. As I speak with people from all over the world, all walks of life, all financial situations, all kinds of political systems, I’m gaining a powerful perspective on what’s going on in the states right now. When I left the states, the Trump campaign was still a joke. Now the situation is looking so grim from here. How can people eat up such crap and support a man full of so much hate, narcissism, horrible business record and lack of political acumen for President of the United States? 

After being away from American mass media and those that consume those sources for a while, what I already knew about the shady, corrupt nature of the media-political complex is proving to be truer than ever.

If you are caught up in the pro-Trump whirlwind vortex, take a moment to ‪#‎ThrowAwayYourTelevision‬, close your Fox News internet window, and use that brilliant brain of yours to do some research on the issues and who you want to lead your country. You won’t regret it when you change your mind!


Photo: The Vietnamese Flag (Ha Noi, Vietnam)

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