Action is the Only Form of Perfection

I’ve been reading a lot about successful people lately…

The habits of successful people interest me a lot. Which habits can I adopt and which can I shed to be better? To not just be successful in my career or my financial position. But which habits will shape the best me – me as just a person?

We can adjust our habits and rituals all we want and become better people – but one thing is for sure: nobody is perfect.

I think I read somewhere that the continuous pursuit of perfection is perfection itself.

I like that thought. I like the action behind it.

What inspired me most today was a video I watched of a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk. He was giving advice to an aspiring content producer who was having trouble turning his creative ideas into reality.

The most inspiring concept was about ignoring perfection. We need to stop trying to perfect whatever we’re thinking about doing and just fucking do them. The ideas we have are never going to manifest themselves into a perfect reality on take one.

The idea is to just take action on whatever project it is that you want to get going. Just do it and correct your course along the way.

By taking action now, your project will end up one of two ways:

-it will end up even more perfect than you could have planned

-it will end up failing gracefully (or miserably), but you will have the perfect experience to get it right next time.

Stop making a grand plan. Stop conjuring up ideas in your head about what could happen and what might not work. 99% of the roadblocks that you come up with in your head will never happen anyway.

*In the spirit of taking action and not worrying about perfection, this post has not been proofread.

3 thoughts on “Action is the Only Form of Perfection

  1. Love this! Someone I deeply admire frequently reminds me to strive for “progress, not perfection.” It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to make the perfect plan. Cheers to 2017 and pursuing action!


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