A Plagiaristic* Passage

My pen feels like a paintbrush.

I don’t feel time when I sleep.*

My best friends: people I like, but people I don’t love.*

Efficiency frustrates, turn it down.

I try to get my friends excited, about not being invited.*

I say, blue & white, clouds… sunlight.

It’s hard to make a point.* It’s an opportunity.

“Wait for the moment”.*

I’m a thoughts guy & you’re an action kinda girl.

You go-go-go and I smile – we find common stuff and laugh.

The other kids – I giggle and be cool. A big hat makes me different, sometimes.

I hold the bar, you go for the strap.

I’m good at stuff & you’re into stuff.*

We don’t want to leave it now. Something in our way.

*Thanks to @vulf for the inspiration and lyrics.


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