Communities: Travelers (Part II)

So let’s go back to the scene in the van, the place where we met some forever friends through total serendipity. Which then led to meeting more friends, marking El Nido, Philippines as one of the most memorable destinations of our trip so far. Community observation: Bonds are strengthened and communities are developed when people are in […]

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Welcome to Paddy’s

Sabang, Puerto Galera, a tropical beach region just across the channel from Batangas, a port city two hours south of Manila. Our journey began during a downpour in Manila. “Turn right, go two blocks, turn right, go six blocks,” got us to the LRT (Manila’s light rail), though a bit soggy. We faced the sort […]

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Booze Review: Beer Na Beer

Ah, Beer Na Beer, my first cold brewski in Sabang. Words cannot explain how much I appreciated your refreshing, mildly hoppy bubbles as they greeted my oral cavity with a fine quenching of thirst after 5 hours of travel. You were cold, you were cheap, you came to me in a time of desperation, you were….well…decent at best. 2/5 […]

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